Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Time in a Hospital

(Exclude the day of my birth that I have been to a hospital.)

I rarely go to a hospital and it was my first time to visit a hospital here in the Philippines. I'm a Filipino by the way. 

I was quiet while we were walking on the hallway of the hospital. I keep on staring at the patients, thinking of what their illnesses are. I wondered whether they are currently feeling any pain or are they only minor injuries. I got distracted because of this. By the moment we go into the area where the patients with worse cases are located. We heard and saw people who have different problems. It made me feel how lucky I am to be considered as a normal person. I felt a feeling of being uncomfortable. I guess I was just not used to it... going to a hospital is what I mean. We heard different cases of their patients. Most of us probably felt pity after hearing the different situations the patients went through. 


  1. Hi, Ive been warded 3-4 times. Never like hospital - the smell especially. You always feel miserable in it and feel glad when U are discharged. Always be thankful for being healthy! Good blog Adik. I follow U, do follow me!

  2. wow! thanks for the comment! will follow u! thanks again!

  3. sige na nga i'll add you na. follow me back:) please.