Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Visit to Home For the Aged

         During our exposure, I couldn’t help but pity the children and the elderly we visited. Despite of their current situation, they still smiled and warmly welcomed us. I couldn’t believe that the government isn’t doing anything despite the taxes they get from millions of Filipinos.  I remember there is this one old grandpa who told us that if ever we are going to come back there, we might notice that they will be fewer than before. Obviously, he’s trying to say that some of them will soon die. It saddened me for I remembered what my parents once told me. That once they turn old to the extent that they can no longer see clearly or walk properly, we might forget about them and never visit them. This visit made me reflect on my actions towards my parents. I love my parents and never shall I send them to a house for the aged. 


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