Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skip Beat!

Skip Beat is an anime consisting of twenty-five episodes. It's story is about a girl named Mogami Kyoko who loved Fuwa Sho, her childhood friend to the extent that she left everything in order to help him achieve his goal of becoming a superstar. Despite all sacrifices she made, Sho never paid attention and cruelly used her as a stepping-stone for his dreams. After finding out about her childhood friend's intentions, Kyoko swore to take revenge on him by entering showbiz. She had different roles as an actress and bit by bit, she improves.

If you think that this is a serious and a very dramatic show, then you are completely wrong! It's actually very hilarious and very entertaining to watch. There is no episode that I hate. I love it all. I guess that's what you expect from an otaku like me. LOL! I remember when I first read it's summary. I seriously thought it was a boring show since the drawings of some of the characters aren't as good compared to other animes. I wondered why it's one of the top viewed animes so I tried checking it out. I watched it and... and... and... I LOVE IT! I felt like my heart was going to skip a beat. (Wow! It fits the title! LOL!)
I always watch it even if I have finished watching all episodes. I even downloaded it and from time to time, I watch it to remove my stress. To be honest, it's really effective. LOL! I can't help but love the roles Kyoko portrays whenever she's acting. But sometimes, I get pissed off with other characters especially Fuwa Sho.

As indicated in the article, Kyoko is a unique heroine and I agree to that. In my opinion, it's what makes the show better. As I said before, I love Skip Beat and same goes for its characters (even Fuwa Sho). Although the drawings are lacking of quality, I still like it beacuse the plot is interesting.


  1. WOW,skipbeat. i also like this! Have you read Vampire Knight? Nice blog.:)

  2. yes. Vampire Knight is also one of my favorites. :) Kuran Kaname rocks! :">