Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Money Ace X" manhwa

This Korean manga (manhwa) is really nice! I just love it! I keep on checking different manga sites just to know whether there are new chapters available in english. The story is getting better and better. So EXCITING!


Namu looks okay to me. Although she does some.... shameful things. I kinda like her. But, she's not really my ideal type of heroine. No offense to Namu fans out there. =D  Well.. who knows? My opinion of her might change as the story goes on. ^_^

Shameful things like this...

HAHAHA! This is so funny!


This guy is HOT! No doubt about it. A girl's fantasy is what I might say. Not only is he handsome, but smart too. I kinda like his being "poker face guy". But, I don't like his personality. Once again, no offense to his fans. ^_^ I'm not saying I hate him, I just don't like his personality. I hope things will get better with him. I'm saying his characterisitc stand point will improve in my mind. GETZ? HAHA! If you don't get what I mean, never mind about it. ^^


Oh my Gosh! The 100 won guy, also known as Hwang Jae is so HOT! I never thought he was that HANDSOME! Can I keep him? HAHAHA! I like the Jae Tae guy too but... his personality is really annoying me. I don't like what he did to Namu... I hope he will fall head over hills to Namu and then Namu will end up with the ULTRA HOT PRESIDENT which will leave him broken-hearted.
But... Thumbs-up for his face! I like the face... just the face. hehe! He's HOT!
Anyway, back to Hwang Jae here. I can't believe he's actually the loser 100-won guy. I wonder if there are people in real world who are like that. Disguising themselves, but deep within those disguise is a natural beauty. =P

KYAAAAH!!! I wanna keep him! hehe! I consider him as one of my top bishounens. LOVE HIM!

Oh Please! Let there be more chapters to come! I'm getting excited here waiting for the next chapter! =D

I highly recommend for manga readers out there to read this. It will definitely not become a waste of time!


  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your post on our series.
    I'm glad we have such dedicated fans like yourself supporting us.
    You can check for new chapters on M.A.X at our website.
    It's the place to get it first, since you look so eager.
    Chapter 7 is now uploaded to Mangafox
    Chapter 8 will be released on November 17th on our website so check it out.

    Again, Great Post.
    I'll stay tuned. :]
    -Mana Canaan, Founder of Eclipse Scanlations

  2. Thank you so much. I justn read the latest chapter and I really REALLY REALLY LIKE IT! I'm going to blog about it right away! :)