Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Money Ace X Chapter 7

ALRIGHT! The seventh chapter of one of my top favorite manhwa's finally available in Mangafox! Thank you scanners!

The chapter is really funny! I wasn't surprised though about the reaction of the staff of MAX. Seriously, Namu is so funny! Jae Tae too! HAHA! I couldn't help but laugh when I found out about their "training". HAHAHA! So funny!

I was kinda thinking that the 100 won guy a.k.a. Hwang Jae have feelings for Namu? Correct me if I'm wrong.. but does he have feelings for her? Coz his reaction is kinda... not much of a lover? Not sure about what I'm talking about here. Anyway, never mind that. Going back to Chapter 7 here...

I didn't know that the other two staff members aren't students of the super elite school that Namu and Jae Tae are attending. I though they are also students of it just like Hwang Jae. To top it all off, I was really surprised that the other guy is only an ELEMENTARY kid?! He doesn't look like one though.. in my perspective. ^^
The woman does give an impression of a college student, still I thought of her as another high school student. What's the difference anyway? ^_^

Well... I'm still going to wait for the upcoming chapters of this hilarious shoujo manhwa.
AAaargh! I just remembered how much I don't like Namu's character. (T^T)

Why can't I be the heroine?! I'm so much better than her! HAHAHA! Kidding!
I'm hoping for more enjoyable chapters to read for this manhwa! I enjoyed reading Chapter 7!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Eclipse- Scans! More Power to you!

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