Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mischievous Kiss Korean Drama

Are you familiar with the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss
Did you read it? 
Like it? 

If yes, then you will surely LOVE this Korean version of this manga! You got that right! 
Mischievous Kiss is what they call it!

Not only the plot is good, the famous Kim Hyun Joon also known as Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers is the main lead male acting as Baek Seung Jo for this korean drama! Not only that, the cute Jung So Min will be the main female lead acting as Oh Hani!

Mischievous Kiss was released in public last September 2010. And now, all 16 episodes are complete and can be watched at different sites such as mysoju, youtube, and dramacrazy, viikii, and many more!


  1. I've seen the the taiwanese version both prequel&sequel^^, haven't reas the manga tho^^, i'm planning on watching the korean version this christmas due to my hectic schedule because i still am watching other korean dramas(taiwanese&korean drama addict here!)

  2. I highly recommend this. It's really nice. I haven't seen the taiwanese version though.

  3. Watched : D It's nice and I really like it <3

  4. Thank you Starry for your comment. I appreciate it and ... yes.. Misschievous kiss is really nice to watch.